Auto Inspection Fraud Expires

If you are a driver that lives in a state that has state-mandated auto inspections then you may know just how annoying people think these inspections are. The reason these inspections were put into action was to make sure that car accidents were lowered and individuals were safer on the highway. State Auto Inspection

Many people that have to get these inspections done each year think it is an unnecessary hassle. A few of the vehicles that are inspected possess some serious problems are removed from the roads. If the vehicle is deemed unsafe many people will take it to a new garage for inspection to find out if they can get a more favorable answer.

While these inspections were supposed to keep drivers safe and keep pollution to a minimum a number of these objectives are being undermined by garages which are taking bribes. There are many garages that may take a small amount over the inspection fee so they will give the unsafe car a clean report. This totally undermines the entire idea of the inspections.

One other thing that many garages are determined to do to make a little extra money is to charge customers for repairs that actually are not needed. Many of these garages will require you to get different parts by stating that is the only way that you could pass the inspection. Often times it is not true and they're just trying to make more cash.

Whether the person is taking bribes to pass through cars or they are defrauding the consumer, both of these are both unethical and can cause serious difficulties for others. Besides for costing consumers money it may also cause more accidents and injuries on the roadways.

Since 1940 there were fourteen states that have dropped inspections and studies show that there were virtually no effect on road safety. A primary reason that these inspections usually are not believed to be so important today is because vehicles are created much safer than they were in years past. State Auto Inspection

Many people that are involved in an vechicle accident were not hurt his or her car had a problem but rather most of the time the accident was the effect of a reckless driver. Many people believe that one of the only reasons states still need inspections is because of their cut of the money that they escape them and this very well could be the truth of it.


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